Assume responsibility

Social responsibility can be a part of your corporate philosophy, to be communicated to the inside and outside. Employee loyalty and customer care activities can be combined with social commitment not only during the Christmas season. We will be pleased to answer any questions about ways of making a company donation. Get in contact with us!

Christmas fund-raiser 2011: Donations instead of presents

Many companies no longer send presents to their business partners at Christmas. Instead they opt for a donation to an aid organisation – a goodwill gesture that is appreciated by addressees and guaranteed to delight the beneficiaries. Menschen für Menschen will be pleased to write words of greeting for your Christmas cards or company newspaper. We can also provide you with specific examples of what your donation can achieve in Ethiopia.

Christmas cards

Christmas cards including a donation for Menschen für Menschen can be ordered from Schroeder printers at or Papier Fenzl at Further information and the card selection can be found in the current catalogue.

“Small change” fund-raiser

In the “Small change” fundraiser employees donate the amount behind the comma on their monthly pay slip. Substantial sums of several thousand euros can thus be collected month by month. It is a particular motivation when the management regularly rounds up or doubles the donation amount.

“Run for Water” charity run

Company sprints, city marathons or independently organised charity runs for runners, hikers, skaters or bikers are always for a good purpose. A donation is made per kilometre or lap covered, starting money or fund-raising at the side of the course. You will find further information on the “Run for Water” fund-raiser here!

Product cooperations

There are many forms of product cooperation: one of your products is related to Ethiopia and you are planning a limited-term promotion during which you intend to donate part of the sales revenue to one of our projects, or you link the launch of a new product with a fund-raising campaign.

Participation in campaign days

World Education Day, World Water Day, International Day for Eliminating Poverty – there are many so-called campaign days which offer occasion for an information or fund-raising activity. For example water: the otherwise free drinking water in the canteen or tea kitchen is provided against a donation.


Use your in-house events (employees meetings, summer festivals, etc.), to integrate your staff into the company’s social commitment. We will also be pleased to support your customer event or press conference with joint press releases and other materials.

Corporate volunteering

As a general rule Menschen für Menschen has decided to not involve its employees in practical assignments on site. In our experience the administrative and supervisory costs are too high compared to the benefits for the people of Ethiopia. 
How about you and your colleagues getting actively involved in Germany instead of Ethiopia? Organise a fund-raising football tournament or flea market, or be inspired by another form of campaign on our website.


Whatever the activity, it is important to let your employees, colleagues and partners know what the donation is to be used for or what was achieved. Menschen für Menschen will be pleased to provide material for the purpose. You can carry reports in your internal and external media and introduce the projects and people who will profit from it, preferably with photos or videos. Your commitment helps men, women and children in Ethiopia to secure a brighter future – and inspires enthusiasm!

“Assume responsibility”

In our brochure “Assume responsibility” you will find further information about ways in which you can become active as a corporate partner. If you would like to order the brochure in paper form, just use our order function!


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Donations account:
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