Bos Food

"Top Chefs for Africa" – Delicatessen specialist Ralf Bos and chef-of-the-century Eckart Witzigmann are building schools in Ethiopia

Social commitment is a major priority for Bos, father of three. In September 2008 he and Eckart Witzigmann placed a joint bet against Almaz and Karlheinz Böhm that they would succeed in raising enough funds in 100 days to build a school in a particularly poor province of Ethiopia. With individual fund-raisers in their restaurants the 120 German and Austrian top chefs accumulated over € 265,000 for the construction of the Gordom Higher Primary School. Now 600 children can go to school in the village of Didu.

Encouraged by this result, Bos and Witzigmann decided to turn their fundraising campaign into a long-term initiative for educating children in Ethiopia. Due to their support the third school has meanwhile been opened. "Top restaurateurs have a big heart. ‘Top Chefs for Africa’ wants to support Karlheinz Böhm’s Foundation in establishing further educational projects for disadvantaged children," says Ralf Bos.

Interested restaurateurs are called upon to join in with fund-raising campaigns at their establishments. Tips, information and the current event calendar can be found at

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is supporting Menschen für Menschen by providing € 1.1 million in funds for the new Borena project area. In this northern Ethiopian region about 180,000 people in an area of 980 square kilometres will benefit from the Ethiopian Aid’s integrated rural development approach. The BMZ celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011: "I am delighted that we are able to celebrate a double anniversary in Ethiopia. 30 years of Karlheinz Böhm’s Menschen für Menschen Foundation coincide with 50 years of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development," said Federal Minister Dirk Niebel when he visited Ethiopia at the beginning of the year. “This year we want to cooperate particularly closely and set a kind of beacon by pointing out what can be achieved in development cooperation work by combining private capital with tax money.”

Even the basic necessities are lacking in the Borena region. It struggles with droughts, declining resources, lack of schools, deficient drinking water supplies and medical facilities. The goal of the project is to secure adequate supplies of food and drinking water by the end of 2013. In addition medical care, four newly-constructed and seven renovated schools are to be provided for 80,000 people. "What I found most convincing about the Borena project is that several domains such as agro-ecology, training for women, general education and water supply are being simultaneously addressed with the aim of sustainably integrating a complete region of 180,000 people into the regional structure. When the project is completed, those with local responsibility will be able to continue the work independently," Niebel sums up.


Partnership of 25 years

Together with the management and associates, the employees of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems have collected about € 700,000 for the work of Menschen für Menschen since 1985. Each year the works council of the traditional Swabian company collects donations from the employees. The management generously rounds up the sum.

"We employees of Bürkert Werke GmbH gladly play our part in helping to bring about lasting changes in the lives of people in Ethiopia. That makes us very proud and in a wonderful way it intensifies our sense of belonging to the company," says Hans Wallner, Chairman of the Works Council of Bürkert Werke GmbH.

Many meetings between the company representative and Almaz and Karlheinz Böhm and employees of Menschen für Menschen have resulted in a close personal relationship. The joint campaign of the employees and visible successes in Ethiopia have encouraged the Bürkert workforce to adopt the goals of Menschen für Menschen as their own.


Coffee connects continents – with a common, sustainable goal

Dallmayr Coffee feels closely connected to Ethiopia, the country of origin of coffee. With “Dallmayr Ethiopia” it supports the reafforestation programmes of Menschen für Menschen: five tree seedlings are donated for each pack sold. Hope has been planted well over 21 million times since the project was launched in April 2008.

Today only three per cent of the surface area Ethiopia is still forested. The reasons are complex: overgrazing, felling trees for urgently needed firewood, population growth and climatic change result in soil degradation. This causes gigantic amounts of fertile soil to be washed or blown away. Each year up to seven million new saplings are grown in the nurseries of Menschen für Menschen and distributed to the farmers for planting and reafforestation. Particularly appealing are fruit and acacia saplings – the farmers can later sell the crops on the local market. Ethiopia Aid also includes the distribution of wood-saving clay stoves.

"The cooperation with Menschen für Menschen enables us to help, precisely in the country that has been important to us as a coffee roaster since the 1950s. We are pleased to have accompanied the Foundation on part of its way, but there is still a lot to do," says Wolfgang Wille, Manager of Alois Dallmayr Kaffee oHG.

Deutsche Bahn

During the "TV chefs set the table" campaign € 280,000 were collected in Deutsche Bahn on-board restaurants – more than enough for the construction of a school

Under the motto "TV chefs set the table" the Deutsche Bahn served dishes prepared according to the recipes of eleven famous TV chefs in its 250 on-board restaurants for a whole year. 50 cents of the price of each dish were deducted as a donation for school building to give 800 children in southern Ethiopia access to an education and an opportunity for self-development.

"We are delighted that after ten campaign months we were already able to supply the funds for the construction of a school in Ethiopia in December 2010," says Berthold Huber, CEO of DB Fernverkehr AG. "Our sincere thanks go to the TV chefs and our on-board restaurant guests. They were the ones who made the great success of the campaign and construction of the Masha Higher Primary School possible."

The "TV chefs set the table" campaign was a part of the "Top Chefs for Africa" initiative.


Familotel moves families – in Germany and in Ethiopia

Since the beginning of 2011 about 50 member hotels of Familotel have been part of the "Top Chefs for Africa" initiative. They are collecting donations in their hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Switzerland for the construction of a school in Ethiopia. The Derba Higher Primary School in south-western Ethiopia is to be funded within a year. For each reservation € 1 goes to the fund, and guests are being called upon to donate to the good cause. Some hotels have launched other creative fund-raisers in their restaurants.

About 480 Ethiopian children will attend the new school and be able at long last to take lessons under good conditions. The little guests at the Familotel establishments will also benefit: this year under the supervision of professionals they can partake in handicrafts, modern media and games revolving around the African continent.

Futura Foundation for Child and Youth and Culture

Founded in 2003, the charitable Futura Foundation supports education projects for children and youths all over the world. "We want to support children and youths as they belong to the  weakest in society and cannot change or improve their fate. However, they are our future, and this is why Futura Foundation is focussed on this kind of work mostly ", the founders say. But Menschen für Menschen work is also of great concern to them. Following first contacts in 2007, the Futura founders decided to financially support construction of schools in Ethiopia. To this day, Futura’s support enabled the construction of five schools for thousands of children in the country of Ethiopia situated at the Horn of Africa.     

Geohumus International GmbH

In 2010 a major reafforestation project was launched by Geohumus International GmbH, with head office in Frankfurt am Main, together with Menschen für Menschen. The environmental project is of very special concern to Dr Wulf Bentlage, General Manager of Geohumus: "Our common goal is to plant a million trees on Mount Kundudu in the Gursum region. This area was selected because erosion and karst formation are particularly dramatic in the once forest-covered region and the soil is therefore practically unable to retain any water." Employees from Menschen für Menschen are cultivating the seedlings in special nurseries on site and enriching the soil with Geohumus to provide optimum conditions for the trees to thrive.

Geohumus is a soil additive, small amounts of which are introduced into the soil to substantially improve water retention. The substance stores up to 40 times its own weight in water and the nutrients it contains. Geohumus releases the water and dissolved nutrients as needed to the plant roots, and together with the rock dust it provides valuable minerals.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

A fine old custom becomes a concrete aid project – MS Europa is patron for a brighter future

It is a custom on the EUROPA to become involved in a good cause. For the past six years the flagship von Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has been supporting the Menschen für Menschen Foundation. At the end of each cruise the nautical chart is traditionally auctioned among the passengers – and the proceeds are donated to a charity, amongst others for Menschen für Menschen. Thanks to these revenues and donations of the annual charity gala, the shipping line has already been able to finance four schools in Ethiopia.

MS EUROPA Captain Hagen Damaschke travelled to eastern Ethiopia in 2005 to open the first school built from donations, the Elbahai Lower Primary School: "I was deeply moved by the unimaginable poverty and thirst of the young generation for education and development." On a further visit in 2007 he opened the Hamuma Primary School for 1,000 children in Illubabor, western Ethiopia. In 2010 these were followed by the Hawa Yember Higher Primary School in the south-west of the country. Now 600 children in the fifth to eighth classes are hoping for a brighter future thanks to education.

In early 2010 EUROPA Captain Friedrich Jan Akkermann inaugurated the Fugnan Bira Higher Primary School in north-eastern Ethiopia: "I was overcome by the joy of the young people. On behalf of the EUROPA I want to thank all our passengers who enabled the building school with their donations."

Horbach Business Consulting

Horbach appreciates the value of education – and is helping to build a brighter future for Ethiopia’s younger generation

commitment anchored in its corporate goals. This social responsibility is shared by all employees – for example the field staff regularly donates a portion of its commissions. Horbach has been supporting Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid for many years through the AWD Foundation.

Education is the focus of its commitment: Horbach Business Consulting has supported the education of young men and women in crafting and technical professions at the Agro Technical and Technology College of Menschen für Menschen in the eastern Ethiopian town of Harar on a large scale. After Horbach had contributed to the building of a school in Sida, the company funded the construction of the Sheik Hussein primary school in Babile in 2006. It is the only school for eight farming communities in the region. Several hundred children and teenagers can finally learn reading, writing and arithmetic here.

Education is development and the only effective way out of poverty and despair. No wonder Horbach employees are proud to give the families a brighter perspective with their financial commitment.

J. Kamphausen Media Group

"With his Menschen für Menschen Foundation Karlheinz Böhm has effectively and convincingly demonstrated: Yes, I can make a difference, against all odds," says Joachim Kamphausen, Managing Director of the Bielefeld-based J. Kamphausen Media Group. Impressed by the perspective the Foundation has given to the people of Ethiopia since its inception, for the past ten years the publishing house has been sending a cheque at Christmas time.

"Our interest system results in a small elite becoming increasingly wealthy, whilst a dramatically increasing portion of the population is subjected to poverty under the exploding burden of debts. Our conviction: capital should be invested where it makes most sense – in community and education – not where it generates the highest profit! In this context the Menschen für Menschen Foundation gives us all courage: its efforts directly benefit the local population and have a long-term effect. They clearly show that money can contribute to creating a more just world!"

"For example, our last donations were used to build the Shobe School near the rural town of Bedelle. 40% of all children in Ethiopia do not attend school and 60% of adults are unable to read or write. As a publishing house we appreciate the power of words and are therefore particularly pleased that since summer 2011 study places have been available to a further 700 schoolchildren in twelve bright, clean and friendly classrooms, complete with tables, benches and blackboards – and in Ethiopia that is far from being a foregone conclusion."

Leserkreis Daheim

Readers write the most beautiful stories – with their donations

"You write the most beautiful stories!" According to this motto the nationwide Leserkreis Daheim reader circle is supporting Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid with free cover advertising.

The advertising motifs on the subjects of education, water and health consciously use the design of a classical magazine cover. They feature success stories from Ethiopia which were realised with the aid of committed donors. Leserkreis Daheim thus gives Menschen für Menschen the opportunity to report on the organisation’s work in Ethiopia and appeals to readers to give their active support.

Mercedes-Benz Bank

Support to mobilise the people of Ethiopia

"Dear viewers, if you manage to collectively donate the sum of € 650,000 within a week, the DaimlerChrysler Bank will double its € 50,000 donation!" That was the bet of former CEO of DaimlerChrysler Bank AG (today: Mercedes-Benz Bank AG) in March 2003 during the ZDF Gala to mark the 75th birthday of Karlheinz Böhm. This call for donations was the starting shot for the partnership with Menschen für Menschen. Luckily, the Mercedes-Benz Bank lost the bet – and the proceeds went to Ethiopia Aid.

With its donations the Mercedes-Benz Bank wants to provide aid for self-development. For some time now it has been supporting the Agro Technical and Technology College (ATTC) in Harar and furnished funds for the construction of the Degem Higher Secondary School for over 1,200 students. Since 2009 the Mercedes-Benz Bank has been supporting a microcredit programme for women. “We wanted to do something meaningful – and what could be more appropriate for a bank than loans?” says CEO Peter Zieringer. With these loans the company is giving women in Ethiopia the opportunity to set up an independent life.


"The most beautiful gift is the future," that is the guiding principle of Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid in the 30th year of its existence. PRO FUTURA GmbH in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Waldbröl acts according to the motto “Donate a future – assume responsibility” and supports the projects of Menschen für Menschen with donations from the sale of books, calendars and CDs. PRO FUTURA sells its products exclusively to companies, business people, institutions and associations, to partners with an increased demand for exclusive gift ideas.

Schwäbische Zeitung

Wells, schools and infrastructure – a village for Ethiopia

The Schwäbische Zeitung, based in Leutkirch, has been supporting Menschen für Menschen since 2004 with the fund-raisers “A Village for Ethiopia” and “Schools for Ethiopia”. By the end of 2010 readers had donated a total of about € 2.4 million. The proceeds of "A Village for Ethiopia" went to the project areas Kollo Siri in Illubabor and Garda Valley in the Ethiopian highlands.  Three school projects in the Jarso district of Babile were funded by "Schools for Ethiopia".

The editorial staff of the newspaper was on location several times and featured the Foundation’s work in articles. In the Garda Valley SZ media director Joachim Umbach opened a school and was very moved when he returned from Ethiopia: “I realised just how many people are in urgent need of help. And I was very impressed by the way the Foundation is operating.” SZ editor Herbert Beck has supervised the fund-raising from the beginning and has already been to Ethiopia six times.

The main focus of the last trip in January 2011 was a school inauguration in Jarso and research for the next joint projects. In the Borena project area the media publisher wants to contribute to the funding of two schools.

City of Gladbeck

If many people make a small contribution, great things can be achieved.

The idea behind the "Small change campaign" is that employees should donate the amount behind the comma on their pay slip. Although that is not much for the individual, month for month it generates substantial amounts of several thousand euros. Several companies and local authorities have been raising funds in this way for Menschen für Menschen – one example is the City of Gladbeck. 25 years ago Ulrich Roland, current mayor of the Westphalian town – then chairman of the staff council – took charge of the small change donation campaign. The cents were still pfennigs at that time. The impetus came from the "Day for Africa" in 1985 which was to last more than a day for Gladbeck City Council.

To date one third of the workforce (about 350 employees) donate their small change. The forms for participating are available in the Intranet of the City of Gladbeck and newsletters regularly remind the staff of what can be achieved in return for small change.

Telis Finance

Focusing on people: health and education in Ethiopia

The focus is on people for Telis Finanz AG, independent financial consultants. The service provider sees globalisation not only as an opportunity, but as an obligation for deep social commitment.

In 2005 the company decided to support the work of Menschen für Menschen and fund the construction of two medical stations in the Jamma region of the Ethiopian highlands. Until then there was only one primitive medical care centre in the entire region. The people from the surrounding villages were faced with a two- to three-hour walk in all weathers and often they had to be carried by relatives. In May 2008 CEO Klaus Bolz and marketing manager Rainer Leidl were able to inaugurate the new medical stations in the villages of Tefetag and Yeddo. The two facilities now provide basic medical care for about 12,000 people. The medical stations are needed for the treatment of diseases and carrying out of simple surgical procedures. On the agenda are courses in family planning, obstetrics and hygiene, as well as special inoculation programmes for children and adults.

Currently Telis is financing the construction of a primary and secondary school for 960 children in Jamma in Ethiopia’s central highlands.

Up-Micro-Loans (P+P)

Starting capital for the women in Ethiopia – in the form of cash and trust

With the "Aid for Self-Help – Unlimiting People (up)" Foundation P+P Pöllath + Partner Attorneys is providing support for microcredit programmes in a number of different countries, for example in eastern Ethiopia together with Menschen für Menschen. Over a period of several years up contributed € 192,000 in small loans mainly to women in the Babile region, who were also trained in subjects such as accounting and learn a skilled trade. As everywhere, the borrowers in Babile are organised in groups of 5 to 10 women. They hold regular meetings to exchange their business ideas and experience, as well as to monitor and motivate each other in the repayment of the loans. The income the women generate through economic independence enables the whole family to make a living in the chronically arid area. 

Amos Veith, Partner of P+P and Director of the Foundation, describes the motivation for their work: "We believe in the skills and entrepreneurial spirit of the Ethiopian people." Together with a microcredit, trust is the most important starting capital one can give to the courageous women of Ethiopia.


Heavy equipment paves the way for integrated projects in Ethiopia

The Zeppelin Group has been championing the cause of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation since 2007. At the initiative of Manager Michael Heidemann, Zeppelin made a first cash donation of € 60,000. In the following year a 300 hp Caterpillar bulldozer was donated for road building in Ethiopia on the occasion of the ZDF TV gala to mark Karlheinz Böhm’s 80th birthday.

"For the past 100 years the Zeppelin Foundation in Friedrichshafen, our partner, and the Zeppelin Group have been heavily committed to common welfare," says Peter Gerstmann, Chairman of the Board of the Zeppelin Group. "The approach taken by Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid, providing help for self-development, is practiced sustainability. And within the framework of our corporate social responsibility we are pleased to sponsor such activities!"

Around half of the second cash donation of € 50,000 was raised in a campaign which the company had organised for the second time at the world’s largest construction machine fair bauma 2010. Visitors to the Zeppelin professional drivers’ club were asked to give a small donation for the Ethiopia Aid – an initiative which was very well received. In addition, the MVS Zeppelin leasing company raised funds for the good cause in a digger basketball game.

Committed companies

These companies have also generously supported us

Schottel, Creativ-Werbung, Peqlab, Trucking Service, Tiemann Protective Systems, Canusa, Maier and Korduletsch.

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